Leather & Care

Leather is a living and natural material. Well-treated leather can become even more beautiful and unique over time. To prolong the life of your product, we recommend that you impregnate it with a product that matches the leather of your shoe (see below). Prolonged contact with a strong light source (sun or artificial light) can change the colour of the leather over time. We therefore recommend that you store your product in the shoe bag provided when not in use.

For better results, we also recommend that you put your shoes on with a shoe tree so that they retain their original shape.




Product example: Pablo's Grey

Suede is a delicate leather as its surface has been sanded to give it a velvety feel.

We therefore recommend waterproofing your shoes to ensure better protection. Furthermore, you should avoid contact with water and liquids. If it rains, let your shoes dry outdoors - without artificial heat sources such as radiators or hair dryers - use a shoe tree. Dark or light suede colours can discolour light coloured clothing if brought into close contact. Conversely, dark clothing (e.g. raw jeans) may stain suede. Moisture increases colour migration.




Product example: Adorable Black

This is a full-grain leather whose original surface has been preserved and refined.

It is therefore possible that your product may show slight signs of use, which should be regarded as a guarantee of authenticity. Although smooth leather is known above all for its resistance and durability, it is still a living material that needs to be cared for. Dark or very light colours can rub off when they come into contact with transparent clothing. On the other hand, dark garments (such as raw jeans or some new textiles) can stain. Moisture increases colour migration. To soften everyday scratches and small stains, we recommend moistening it with a special care cream for leather, which you can find at a cobbler. Do not hesitate to take your product to a specialist to find a suitable care for your shoes.




Product example: Cavallo Black

The natural grain of our leather is achieved by fulling.

This completely natural grain is irregular and can vary slightly on the surface of the hide. This makes every product unique. Grained leather has the advantage that it is less susceptible to scratches. However, we recommend that you care for it occasionally with a special leather care cream.

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